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Serving Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Newbury Park, Calabasas, Oak Park, Malibu, Moorpark, Simi Valley, Camarillo, Oxnard, and Ventura.
Sousan Amiri, professional counselor for Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Lack of Self-esteem, Adoption Counseling, Relationship counseling, and Marriage and Family Counseling. Please call:805-231-9980

Sousan Amiri, LMFT provides services as a marriage and family therapist, adolescents counseling, couples counseling , marriage and family therapist, couple counseling, marital counseling, family counseling and individual Counseling. . Depression Counseling Westlake Village 

Please call Sousan Amiri at 805-231-9980
Services Offered: 
Therapy for Depression and Anxiety 
Therapeutic interventions for Trauma/ PTSD
Therapy for Children and Adolescents 
Therapy for Adoptive population
Therapy for Children with Early Developmental Trauma 
Family Counseling 
Parenting Support 
Grief Counseling 
Couples Counseling 
Stress Management 
Conflict Resolution and Anger Management
Multicultural challenges


Choosing the right therapist is an important decision and a good fit is necessary to make effective progress. Some of my strongest qualities include being emotionally emphatic, and attune to my clients. I have experience in relationship counseling, couples counseling, individual counseling, and family counseling. I provide an emphatic, non-judgmental and confidential environment, at a comfortable pace, to identify/explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors which interfere with your reaching your maximum potential for happiness in your career and relationships. ​
We have a variety of services including:
​                                                How do I know if I need therapy?

Deciding to seek therapy is a personal choice, and it can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of their circumstances. Here are some indicators that may suggest you could benefit from therapy:

Emotional Distress: If you frequently experience overwhelming emotions such as sadness, anxiety, anger, or fear that interfere with your daily functioning and quality of life, therapy can help you explore and manage these emotions effectively.

Relationship Issues: If you're experiencing difficulties in your relationships, whether with a partner, family members, friends, or colleagues, therapy can provide a safe space to address and work through conflicts, improve communication, and develop healthier relationship patterns.

Life Transitions: Major life changes such as a career transition, divorce, loss of a loved one, or relocation can be challenging to navigate. Therapy can offer support and guidance in coping with these transitions, adjusting to new circumstances, and finding a sense of balance and meaning.
Deciding to seek therapy is a personal choice, and it can be beneficial for anyone, regardless of their circumstances.